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Billy J Kramer - New Song Released

Billy J. Kramer talked today about his life-long love of Country Music and
how he has returned to the roots that inspired him in Liverpool all these
years after his chart-topping hits.


Speaking from his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Billy explained "My new album - I Won The Fight - has a definite Country foundation. When I was growing up in Liverpool in the 50s and 60s, it was always Country Music that we played around the house. I used to listen to Hank Williams, Webb Pierce and Don Williams and try and copy their style on my brother’s guitar.  To me, Country music had a heart and made me feel like no other music could. Sure I listened to the British skiffle and American Rock and Roll acts like Elvis, but when you think about it now, artists like Elvis and Buddy Holly were really taking Country music and turning it into Rock and Roll".


Billy has released his latest single from his album, ”Fallin’ and Flyin’”, which is a duet with singer Christine Ohlman - known from the Saturday Night Live band and collaborations with artists such as Ian Hunter, Eddie Kirkland and Nick Lowe.


Billy continued, “over the last 50 to 60 years, Country music and Rock music have virtually morphed into one, but I do believe that it is still Country music that acts as the soul and foundation for the music - maybe things have gone full circle.  I remember telling George Martin one day in 1964 that I wanted to record a country album – that’s how strongly I felt about the music. Back then, we were so busy with all the success we had that the Country album never ever happened. I have decided to put that right now and many of the songs on my new album have a direct country influence."


Billy’s new cd, I Won The Fight and the latest single “Fallin’ and Flyin’” are available now on iTunes, Amazon and at  Billy is exploring offers for he and his band - which features long time Billy Joel drummer Liberty Devitto - to tour the UK, Europe and the United States.


Billy concluded "Country Music has been with me for over 60 years and I am proud and grateful to still be a part of this amazing industry. At all my gigs, I am always struck by the amount of people who talk to me who are true Country fans and I hope that when they hear my record, they will hear some of my influences and enjoy my contribution to Country music".

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