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We want to provide the best Beatles information for Beatles fans, so we have compiled information on The Beatles’ songs, Beatles’ records, Beatles history with a Beatles chronology, The Beatles’  lyrics and even guitar chords for Beatles songs.


Beatles Discography

Find out with our collation of The Beatles’ records in our discography, with The Beatles’ albums, Beatles’ singles and Beatles’ EPs. At present we have the UK and US discography only, but will be adding further information.


Beatles Songs

If you want to find out a list of The Beatles’ songs, we have them by album, and by alphabetical order, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. From Penny Lane to Strawberry Field, and Love Me Do to Let It Be, you will find all of Lennon and McCartney’s greatest Beatles songs here.


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Beatles Concerts

When you look at The Beatles’ history, and especially at the number of concerts they played, sometimes three different places in one day in Liverpool, you realise that it was hard work that got them there. Look at the list of Beatles concerts.


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